Monday, October 17, 2016

TSFB Award Money

Yup! The three slowest finishers earn award money at this race, and we list the results starting with the slowest runner and ending with the fastest runner.

Award money depends on the number of race entrants. Out of the registration fee, $20 goes into the "award money pool." The slowest runner will receive 50% of that money; the second-slowest runner will receive 35%; and the third-slowest runner will receive the remaining 15%.

It's unlikely that the race entry fees will cover all of the expenses, and that cost is covered by the RD each year. But in the unlikely event that there is money left over, it all goes into the "award money pool." The $20 from each entry fee is only the minimum.

The race cap each year is 25 runners. Solve for X.

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