Monday, October 17, 2016

Apply/Register for Too Slow for Boston 2017

Download, complete, and email the application to: bmarathonseries at gmail dot com. This is a fillable form, so you do NOT need to print and scan the application. Simply download it and complete it on your computer. No signature is required either. Email us if you have any issues.

If your application is denied, we will provide more detail as to why your application was denied and whether or not you may reapply.

If your application is approved, we will provide information as to your potential status as a "Qualifier" or an "Official Bandit." We will also provide three payment options to pay the $40 entry fee in order to finalize your registration.

An approved application affords a runner the opportunity to register, but paying the entry fee is the only way for one to reserve a spot in the race. As applications are processed, if you fail to promptly pay the entry fee, you may lose your opportunity to register. Payments received after registration has closed will not be processed.

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