Saturday, April 1, 2017

122nd Too Slow for Boston Marathon

With the 005th Too Slow for Boston Marathon and the 121st Boston Marathon just weeks away, the B. Marathon Series looks to start planning for our 122nd running a little further out than the race organizers of the Boston Athletic Association are doing for their 122nd running.

Sure, their 122nd running is just a year out, and ours isn't scheduled until April 14, 2134, but we're taking the opportunity, this first day of April, 2017, to announce that runners can register for the 122nd running of our Marathon before anyone can register for the 122nd running of the Boston Marathon.

It's tough to plan that far in advance because I'm sure one or two aspects of Marathon life may have changed. We have some thoughts on that, and some of it is accounted for in the links below (we'll figure out the rest later). See you out there!

See the links below for more details:

Register Now!
New Race Location

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