Monday, October 17, 2016

005th Too Slow for Boston Marathon

What is Too Slow For Boston (TSFB)?
So the three slowest finishers actually get award money?
Equine Symbolism
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List of Registered Runners
Runner Seeding
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General Information
Date: April 16, 2017
Time: 6:30 am
Location: Womble Park (Picnic Table by the Tennis Courts)
Important Note: The course will be open to the public, and we ask that all runners exercise courtesty and help us to maintain our reputation for hosting family-friendly events.
Entry Fee: $40
Aid Station at the Picnic Table (Gatorade, Water, Energy Gels, Pretzels, Chips, Bananas)
We will have some cups, but runners are encouraged to use bottles at the aid station

Packet Pickup

Most runners will likely pickup their packets on race morning.

If you want your packet the day before the race, call the RD and he'll bring it to you. Once you register, you'll get the phone number.

Parking and Start/Finish Location

Closest Address: 301 Stinson Avenue, Holly Springs, NC 27540 
Parking: Because we will be sharing this park with other members of the community, it would be ideal for runners to carpool and to utilize these other parking areas so we aren't monopolizing the space.

Course Maps
RunGo (Turn-by-turn Voice Navigation):

Course Details
- 25 Laps
- Start at the picnic shelter and run figure-8 around the park
- The direction which you run does not matter; feel free to switch it up.
- Because the nature of running laps creates a margin of error, runners will likely have distances between 26.25 miles and 27 miles if they run with GPS devices. Erring on the side of caution, we like to make these races a little longer.

Where Your Entry Fee Goes (Our Expenses)

*Revenue for this year was (25 X $40) + 10 = $1,010
Net Losses are Always (and intentionally) Recorded for this Event (2017 Net Loss = $251.88 with potentially a few minor expenses remaining). In keeping with a general theme of being "the opposite" of the bigger races, our goal is to lose money rather than to make money for the sake of making money.

Vendor Description of Item  Amount  Returnable Deposits /
Added Value from Future Use
Town of Holly Springs Picnic Shelter Rental  $     100.00  $                                                25.00
Stride Awards (25) Finishers' Medals  $     275.00
Michael's Ribbon and Jump Rings  $        12.78
RoadID (50) Race Bibs  $        28.89
Walmart (3) Poster Boards  $          5.77
Walmart Clipboard  $          1.57
Amazon (2) Boxes of Chemlights (10 count)  $        34.06
Amazon (4) 5-Gallon Coolers  $        98.16  $                                                78.53
Amazon (Happy Forever) Chalk  $          5.40
Amazon (2) Gatorade Powder Containers (6 Gallons)  $        23.21
Walmart (26) Easter Egg Baskets  $        53.94
Walmart (250) Paper Cups  $        11.58
Walmart (240) Easter Eggs  $        10.77
Walmart (275) Pieces of Candy  $        21.71
Amazon (24) Huma Gels  $     100.65
Amazon (24) Sports Beans
Amazon (24) GUs
USPS Postage for Runner's Medal  $        13.60
N/A Award Money (Winner)  $     250.00
N/A Award Money (2nd Place)  $     175.00
N/A Award Money (3rd Place)  $        75.00
Walmart Ice  $        18.54
Walmart Pretzels  $          3.85
Walmart Bananas  $          3.93
Schoppy's Trophy  $        42.00
 $  1,365.41  $                                          1,261.88

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